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Band Handbook

The Band Handbook outlines the rules and regulations regarding band. It address trips, finances, leadership, etc… The handbook also includes the Power of Attorney and Handbook Agreement Form. This form is due by Friday, August 26, 2016. (2016-2017 Handbook)

Power of Attorney

This form allows us to get emergency treatment, for your student, in the case of an emergency, while traveling with the band/school. Parent/Guardians will be contacted immediately for any emergency situation that may occur. This form is due by Friday, August 28, 2015. (Power of Attorney.pdf)

Practice Logs

These are due every Monday. We require that students practice a minimum of 100 minutes per week, which adds up to about 15 minutes per day. For more information regarding practicing, please visit the How to Practice portion and the Time Management portions of our website. Only fully completed forms will be accepted.

(Qtr 1.pdf – for 1st Quarter, Qtr 2.pdf – for 2nd Quarter)

Excused Absence Form

The Excused Absence Form is required to be submitted for all rehearsal and performance absences. In addition to this form, please attach any documentation regarding your absence (ex: Doctor’s Note). Students whose absence is Excused may be assigned an alternative assignment. For more information on Excused and Unexcused absences, please see your band handbook. (Excused Absence.pdf)

Order Form

Each student needs to turn in this form, so that we can order all necessary supplies. The order form allows you to order:

  • Band Shirt Package
  • Lyre/Flip Folder
  • Band Shoes

This form is due by Friday, August 26, 2016. (order form.pdf)

Honor Band Form

To be nominated for honor bands, you must complete and turn-in this form. It asks for your experience with All-County, All-State, and Solo and Ensemble. It also asks whether you’re interested in being in U.S.F.’s Festival of Winds, F.S.U’s Tri-State, or U.T.’s Quad-County Honor Band. This form is due by Friday, August 22nd, 2014. (Honor Band form.pdf)

Trip surveys

Trip surveys are how we gauge student/parent interest on possible trips. As potential trips arise, students will be given a survey that asks whether they wish to attend the trip, and whether their parents wish to chaperone. We don’t guarantee chaperones, however we will do our best to accommodate as many chaperones as possible.

University of South Florida’s “H.O.T. Day”  (survey – HOT Day.pdf)  –  Due by Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016.



Other forms for the 2015-2016 School Year

Dessert Bash.pdf